Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Amazing Axel Erlandson

Axel Erlandson (1884-1964) , artist and arborsculptor, and founder of the "The Tree Circus". He designed his sculptures on paper and then continued to prune, guide and graft young trees into the desired form. His secret? He "talk[ed] to them".

This is Erlandson's "Basket Tree". It is six different Sycamores grafted together.

This is his famous Two-legged Tree

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wisteria Magic

I know.......
This photograph is completely untouched, which tells me that the photographer must have felt like he was walking down a path leading straight to the heavens! It's just pure magic. I have wisteria envy. Here are some more details on the photo:

Jerry Harpur -photographer

Wisteria walk at Hermannshof, Germany
The Wisteria Walk (75 yards) of Wisteria floribunda 'Macrobotrys longissima'

"It was a softly sunny May afternoon, one of those magical times which happen only two or three times a year and the blossom is 'au point'. The light and shade provided so many different tones, so much depth, so all that was needed was to find the best views."

Good Evening!

I am feeling the first-blog-poster's fever! I am quite excited to begin my new blogging endeavour to pronounce my love of crafts, antiques, and gardens...and to show the world my one-of-a-kind toys and artwork! Stay tuned!