Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rare Ferlin Article

I found a short article from 1968 about the great Ferlin Husky and his musical career. Click to enlarge and read the whole thing! This is a wonderful find for a crazed fan like me.

My favorite line from the piece is when he is said to be, "the thoughtful and thrilling answer to the common madness of our modern age of anxiety, guilt and self-pity ... He is one of the world's desirable greats."

Amen to that! And he is still going strong. Performing and recording today at age 84 because music is his life!

Monday, April 20, 2009

A Strange Guest

One of my favorite songs from Christopher Guest's movie "Waiting for Guffman".

I tossed my cookies, and you can too!

In the newest email from Seth Godin that I received, there's a link to a site which reveals all of the companies that are tracking your internet activity through the use of cookies. They track you in order to determine the type of marketing strategy that would mesh with your needs and interests. I clicked the link and canceled all of the active tracking cookies except the ones from Google.

Click here to monitor the active cookies on your computer, and deactivate them if you so choose.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Shaker Movie!

I'm back from my long sojourn out west, which went quite successfully. I'll post pictures from the trip soon. I ended up seeing so much more than planned which doesn't say much since the trip was never that well planned out to begin with. I haven't blogged in so long that it feels strange, but I really can't wait to get back to it full throttle. I missed it so, but it was very difficult while on the road. And my new laptop seems to dislike unsecured hotel networks, so internet connection proved to be more frustrating than worthwhile.

Yesterday I thought about posting something about the road trip I took, but it didn't seem right. I wondered what my next post would be and it didn't hit me until a few minutes ago. I came and sat down at the computer and wanted to find a nice Shaker quote to read before bed, but instead I typed "shaker tradition" into the google search engine, and what I found was more than I ever could have asked for. A link to an invaluable website called Folk Streams. This site I found years ago and then lost the ability to find it again! This was meant to be, as they have a 30 minute video on the Shakers that I have been longing to see again ever since the first time I came across it.

It features historical accounts and narrative excerpts from the 1800's, Shaker dances and song, and rare photography of Shaker dwellings and farmland. I am so excited to have found this again.

If you watch and enjoy the video you might also be interested in Ken Burn's interpretation of Shaker religion and lifeways, called "The Shakers: Hands to Work, Hearts to God". You can find used copies online for purchase ... but sadly the DVD is becoming more and more difficult to find in good condition as it is no longer being produced by PBS. I recommend buying it before it becomes impossible to acquire! There is great insight into the Shakers as a people, not just about their fine furniture! :0)