Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rare Ferlin Article

I found a short article from 1968 about the great Ferlin Husky and his musical career. Click to enlarge and read the whole thing! This is a wonderful find for a crazed fan like me.

My favorite line from the piece is when he is said to be, "the thoughtful and thrilling answer to the common madness of our modern age of anxiety, guilt and self-pity ... He is one of the world's desirable greats."

Amen to that! And he is still going strong. Performing and recording today at age 84 because music is his life!


Eva Sutter said...

K.Grace Bears: my dependable resource for all Ferlin needs.

T-SizzleFoShizzleIzzle said...

Weren't we going to go see him perform in Texas?