Saturday, February 28, 2009

Going, Going, Godin!

Seth Godin. Marketing extraordinaire. Bestselling author. Masterful speaker and storyteller. Entrepreneur. Business psychologist. Blogger. Good man.

But don't take my word for it, as his Squidoo page states, "Seth's blog just reached its 3,000th post. It is currently ranked by Technorati as the #1 blog in the world written by a single individual."

Pretty impressive.

I'm subscribed to receive his blog updates through email. He posts often, but I never miss a word. I love reading what he has to say. I thought I'd post his latest blog entry entitled, "Personal branding in the age of Google"...

A friend advertised on Craigslist for a housekeeper.

Three interesting resumes came to the top. She googled each person's name.

The first search turned up a MySpace page. There was a picture of the applicant, drinking beer from a funnel. Under hobbies, the first entry was, "binge drinking."

The second search turned up a personal blog (a good one, actually). The most recent entry said something like, "I am applying for some menial jobs that are below me, and I'm annoyed by it. I'll certainly quit the minute I sell a few paintings."

And the third? There were only six matches, and the sixth was from the local police department, indicating that the applicant had been arrested for shoplifting two years earlier.

Three for three.

Google never forgets.

Of course, you don't have to be a drunk, a thief or a bitter failure for this to backfire. Everything you do now ends up in your permanent record. The best plan is to overload Google with a long tail of good stuff and to always act as if you're on Candid Camera, because you are.

To receive updates from his blog, click here and look on the left panel. Enter your email, click subscribe, and wha-la!

I'm A Star!

Or so I'm told. I received my eBay seller Blue Star yesterday! Woo!!

Plus I can print out a certificate and act all cool...still wouldn't be as cool as this kid...

"Congratulations! You've achieved a feedback rating of 50 and that means you've earned a Blue Star next to your user name. This tells other eBay users that you know the ropes, and you're an established member of the eBay community. You are a star!"

I've been an eBay member for almost six years, so it's about time I've reached 50 sales/purchases. I hopefully will be able to sell more than I buy from here on out! That's the important thing!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Sounds Like Merry Poppins

Sister Eva and I have been doing yoga together, it's been brilliant! Thank you seesta for leading me through such amazing sequences. It's really thrilling to experience yoga through Ujjayi breath, deep poses, and through the clarity of timelessness that the movements allow.

Two weeks ago, I was experiencing some especially loud popping of the bones. It made me laugh during the yoga (I laugh often - Can't help it, yoga makes me happy) and Eva and I began joking that Mary Poppins had joined us. Now I call the popping sounds 'Merry Poppins'. I know, I'm a weirdo.

But alas! An explanation on a yoga blog I found indicates that this popping of the bones/joints is actually based in expansion of the body into proper form. So as you can imagine, when good 'ol Merry Poppins joins us during session, I'm pleased to hear her joyful and healing voice...

As Katherine Neer points out, "Joints are the meeting points of two separate bones, held together and in place by connective tissues and ligaments. All of the joints in our bodies are surrounded by synovial fluid, a thick, clear liquid. When joints pop, you're causing the bones of the joint to pull apart. As they do, the connective tissue capsule that surrounds the joint is stretched. By stretching this capsule, you increase its volume."

But there are other pops you must be aware of, that could potentially lack such 'merriness'. They might be signs of extreme stress in a particular area. If this occurs the pose should not be forced, or dislocation of a joint may result. (So, please Eva, if my pose is shallow please don't push me too hard! :0)

More often than not, however, the popping joints are the key to expansion. Russell Case, a Mysore Ashtanga teacher explains in an article for Living Mysore Magazine,

"With an increase in volume comes a decrease in pressure. So as the pressure of the synovial fluid drops, gases dissolved in the fluid become less soluble, forming bubbles through a process called cavitation. When the joint is stretched far enough, the pressure in the capsule drops so low that these bubbles burst, producing the pop that we associate with knuckle cracking...

Cavitation is used here as a word because scientists dislike the word bubbles. They prefer cavity. An empty space is created like a cave. The cave is created by vacuum. Inside the cave are gases. Gas is a collection of elements that when arriving to the melting point become lighter than air. If frozen, any gas can become a solid form. So it is heat we are talking about here. The little cave bursts with energy."

Click here if you're interested in reading the full article.

It may be awhile before I have a strict yoga schedule, but my aims is for it! There is no other feeling in the world.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nocturne In The Mountain Air

I put on some Chopin this evening. When his Nocturne in E flat major came on I decided to do some sketching. I ended up experiencing a sort of meditative drawing session. The completed work is above.

*March 3rd Update: I just submitted this as my Illustration Friday assignment. This week's topic is "Breezy", so I found it appropriate :)

Mind Blowing Beats

Today at work I waited on a customer and he was fairly quiet. Until suddenly he burst out, "What the HELL are you guys listening to???!!"

I said, "We just turned the channel."

He said, "To WHAT??!"

I said, "Some sort of Galactic Groooooooooooove......."

He looked at me with all seriousness, then began to laugh and snort. He practically had to reign in his manly dignity after sounding like a little piglet. I laughed too. He left...might not ever be back, seeing as how our music BLEW HIS MIND!

Photo above: Virgin Galactic Spaceship, or as I call it, "The Suborbital Starship Tourist Vessel"...take a ride only starting around 200K

My Newest Illustration - Instinct

Finally I have made another drawing for Illustration Friday! It's been awhile. This week's topic was Instinct. I call this "Mother Tree Moon".

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I Have A Long Way To Go...

This has been circulating the blogosphere, at least I hear...
I came across it on Inked-In when it was posted by one of the site creators Joseph Hayes. I wanted to post it here too, because not only did it make me laugh a little, but it made me think of other people and their silly ideas and perceptions of what is cool.

My favorite line?



What's your favorite from this list?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Shaker Reflections - Hymns

Hymn 28 "Love", 8th Stanza

From: Millennial Praises Gospel Hymns
Published by the Early Shakers in 1813

"Love to love what is beloved;
Love to hate what is abhorr’d;
Love all earnest souls that covet
Lovely love, and its reward.
Love repays the lovely lover,
And in lovely ranks above,
Lovely souls shall live forever,
Loving with eternal Love."

*The beautiful garden photo above belongs to Doug Green of Simple Gifts Farm.

Nonna's Sleeping

I visited my sweet Nonna (Italian for 'grandmother') last week.
After she went to bed, I took this shot. This is the light that hangs in the hallway, leading to her bedroom. I call the picture "Nonna's Sleeping". She no longer acknowledges me, says my name, speaks to me. She isn't completely present, but when I said hello and took her hand in mine, the look in her eyes said, "Hi deary..."
She knew it was me, and I know we connected on the most significant level. Words aren't always necessary.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Watch Miss America Milk a Cow!

Wheeeweyyyyyyyy! Mammmmma MIA!

Katie Stam has been crowned the newest Miss America, and she's the VERY first ever Hoosier (Yes, that's what people in Indiana are called) to have won the title in the pageant's 88 year history! That's right! GO KATIE!

She visited Conner Prairie museum last summer, where I used to work. I'm glad she likes the museum! She's doing good so far...

Miss Indiana Visits Conner Prairie from William Fouts on Vimeo.

22 year old Katie will be finishing up her studies at the University of Indianapolis in the field of communications. Her dream is to become a TV reporter and news anchor. Hmphf...too bad. Another one sucked into the media pit.

Goofy Basement Time!

Woah Nelly!
Tumbling DOWN! O NO!
Ok, you got me. Regular calisthenics... :P

Where is A Perfect Place?!

If anyone can find the movie "A Perfect Place", let me know. Can't find it anywhere. Soundtrack by Mike here is "A Perfect Twist".

Saturday, February 21, 2009

"If you're not deaf yet..."

Mike Patton and Roddy Bottum of Faith No More star in this public service announcement for H.E.A.R. (Hearing Education Awareness for Rockers) - Circa 1990

Just What is Violence?

Ed Harris. One of the most brilliant actors who ever lived! You can quote me on that. (Yes, I saw him in Copying Beethoven, and No I didn't particularly care for his acting but I blame the director because the entire movie sucked. I actually couldn't get through it, with all the stilted writing. And the cinematography made me nauseous.)

Here Ed Harris demonstrates what the movie, "A History of Violence" is all about.

Sweet Rubie Girl

Ain't nobody don't get 'long wit my Rubie girl

Cuttin' the Coke

I love my job. I meet great people. People that recognize me from when I was too young to remember myself. Once my mom's midwife came up to me, and introduced herself. The woman who assisted me out of the womb was standing there...I stared back and I think all I was able to say was, "Thank you!"

I also meet lonely people. Those who talk for hours, following employees around the store. These folks open up about their personal lives, and sometimes in full detail. I learn about dark nights of the soul, depressive attacks, and suicidal psychosis. I learn of sleep tremors and pustules in strange places. Episodes of parasitic proportions. STD's and hemorroids. Sexual displeasure and decreased libido. Moodswings of the colon, convulsions of the memory. Vertigo at home, and candida on the go. All of these and more, and then the addition of the crack-heads.
The dealers who come in for something to cut their coke.

But I love my job! I really do. Because I also hear about stress reduction, restful nights, increased metabolism and decrease in the size of fat cells...improved cognitive function, bowel regularity, better sex and happier homes, higher HDLs and balanced blood pressure. So, as long as we can keep a reign on those crazy kids, we're doing just fine.

Plus, I get to hold giant chunks of fresh ginger root! And walk around the store trying to shake people's hands!!!!!!

I can't find their nuts! Help Richard!

Ok, Richard...looks like I won't be able to tame any squirrels until I learn to tame the weather. The sky snowed its ass off overnight, and so I didn't get any photos taken of the squirrely. Here's a pic I took months ago...thought you might enjoy it in the meantime. Squirrel tracks, with a bonus feature.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mike Patton 101

If this girl wants to cover Mike Patton for her Rock History 101 class, I will not tolerate her pronouncing Mike's band Fantomas, as Fantom O's. What are you? Serving cereal?

Another problem: If I wanted to sit and be educated by you, woman...I'd appreciate you doing a little more than paraphrasing Mike's Wikipedia page. Turd!

Oh, and why they played the song "We Care A Lot" in the background completely baffles me as it was sung by Faith No More's original lead vocalist, Chuck Mosely. They should've considered using an intro that incorporated Mike somehow!

"Peanuts, anyone?"

I had a dream I went to a beautiful house on a hill at dusk. As people gathered in the drive and began walking up the steep walkway leading to the front door, I whispered around me, "Where are we? Whose house is this?"
No one answered, they just kept talking amongst themselves...I became quite anxious and tried pushing my way past the people more lackadaisical. I kept thinking, "What am I doing here? Was I invited to this party?"
As I entered the home, a large modern-style cabin with a fine series of windows lit from the inside, I saw the homeowner passing out drinks and making merry with guests.
As I looked at the man's face and features I suddenly...somehow came to the realization that I was in the presence of Charles M. Schultz. I smiled and shook his hand, and then left. I still have no idea what this dream is all about. I left the party with a guy that must have felt the same way I did. Not quite sure why I was meeting Schultz, and not quite sure why not.

Here's a quote from the man himself!

"My life has no purpose, no direction, no aim, no meaning, and yet I'm happy. I can't figure it out. What am I doing right?"
-Schultz (1922-2000)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Robe and Mask

Two of my favorite things.

Man and Tire

My father.

Cat and Mouse

Family cat.

Book Cover Design - Help Me Pick One

I make fake bookcovers in Photoshop for fun sometimes. This particular one was inspired by a dream I had one night. I met and spoke with a man named Cray Clayman. He was an author (published in the dream world only), and he handed me a copy of his book. It was plain white, with black stripes across the edges. The title was "Losing Matter, Finding Freedom". I read some of the book in the dream, and when I awoke I wrote what I remembered into my journal. I also immediately went to the computer to create the exact book cover I saw in the dream...but I ended up making a much more artful one instead. I can't tell which I like better. Help me decide by telling me which is more pleasing to the eye...if you would be so amazingly kind. :)

You can click on the images to view them in a larger size.

I enjoy book design. Both studying it when I'm in a bookstore or library, and practicing/attempting to create my own. I'm going to go make one now. If you give me a ridiculous title...I'd be glad to try and make a cover for it...and then post it.

Things I Learned in Public High School

I learned that punishment for skipping two weeks in a row of senior year, is 30 minutes in the principles office talking about his Illinois childhood.

I learned never to use sewing scissors to cut paper or materials other than fabric or thread.

I learned as a freshman that in order to get the senior jocks to pay attention to me, I had to spend twenty minutes massaging their shoulders in geography class every day.

I learned that wearing the wrong combination of colors can get you sent home.

I learned that swim class turns pretty blonde hair, green.

I learned that in the midwest, the guys who really know how to party are the ones who drive farm trucks and tractors to school.

I learned that there is no substitute for a great teacher, and that there are too few of them.

I learned that I was being suffocated for every second spent inside the institution that provided me with an education.

I learned that writing and drawing instead of doing homework helped me breathe again.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Ahhhhhhh The McKee to My Heart

Andy McKee playing Tight Trite Night (written by Don Ross)


I just found an online anagram server! (Anagram: a word, phrase, or sentence formed from another by rearranging its letters)

This means you can bypass lengthy and mentally exhausting 'anagramizations' of words previously done by hand, by typing those words into the server and being presented with the 'anagramical' outcome! It's so easy! I knew there was software available that did the same thing, but I didn't want to pay for it! So this is good news for me.

Click HERE to visit the server. I'm definitely bookmarking that website. The website states something interesting that I'll share here too:
"Did you know that parliament is an anagram of partial men? Or, Clint Eastwood an anagram of Old West Action?"

The more I learn about Anagrams, the more I realize that anagrams really do tell the truth, whether we like to face it or not. Some people say it's a science. Well, it's fun and interesting to boot!

My favorite musician, Mike Patton, had some great anagrams displayed after I typed his name in. They're so fun I wanted to post some here. This picture of him goes well with it I think...

1) Ape Tit Monk

2) Teapot Mink

3) Tampon Kite

4) Man Poet

5) Pink Teat

6) Atom Kept In

7) Ant Poem Kit

8) At Tempo

9) A Kitten Mop

10) Tank Mite

11) Eat Pot

HA! This cracks me up

Ceramic Room Door

My grandparent's home has a ceramic room. This is the ceramic room door. The last photograph is the original picture taken. The first two I show the results of some Photoshop work. I look at this door, and see my childhood. Running out of the kitchen after eating a fresh slice of homemade apple pie my Nonna made from apples she grew herself...past the long blue ceramic room curtains, to this door. Which led to the lively backyard where pear, peach, and cherry trees stood elegantly next to swing sets and a magical clubhouse built by my father. I also see this door and think of my grandfather Leo, who is in Spirit. It reminds me of days when he'd drive out to purchase rye bread and ingredients for his zucchini pie. I miss you Grandpa.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines

I made this yesterday. Kaleidoscopic image that created hearts! How fitting! :)

The original photograph I created this image from, was a pic of my bookshelf. can see some writing on the light green background but I can't tell what it says. Almost looks like something from an atlas. What I like most about the Kaleider software I have, is that you can create thousands of different images from just one uploaded photograph. Hours...days...of fun. It's taking over my free time.

The Mind of Zander; Zanderworks, Zanderiffic

"The best review I ever got was not from a music critic, but from my father. He was 94 years old at the time and completely blind. He attended a Master Class I gave in London and sat there in his wheelchair for about three hours. When it was over, I went to speak with him. He lifted up his finger in his characteristic way and said, 'I see that you are actually a member of the healing profession.' It seemed to me the highest accolade."
- Benjamin Zander

I love how Benjamin Zander thinks, and sees his world. He's been the conductor of the Boston Philharmonic since 1979, he is also a teacher at The New England Conservatory of Music, speaker, guest conductor, lecturer, composer...the list goes on. These 20 minutes with him were some of the most inspiring I've ever spent with anyone. I'm already a lover of classical music, but now I can hear impulses and understand what 'one buttock' playing you???!!! You must watch to find out. Oh, and try containing your tears while watching this...just try I dare you :0)

Mr. Zander also studied alongside one of my favorite classical composers. Benjamin Britten. Mr. Zander eventually learned music theory from Mr. Britten's assistant, who was the daughter of composer Gustav Holst!!!! Another favorite of mine. I tell you, I'd be in heaven if I could've witnessed this amazing trio at work. Seriously, heaven.

Britten is the tall one. Zander is on the left.

I Won I Won I Won Part TWO!

If you didn't read my first "I Won I Won I Won!" post, you aren't aware of a special secret. I won a prize drawing for an artistic creation from none other than Peng Peng herself! She makes 'vintage' sock monkeys, teddy bears, art prints, and now Buddha Bear figurines. I'm a happy girl now that my little Buddha Bear has arrived and he is so amazingly friendly and adorable. Plus, he came packaged very beautifully...
He took to the place right away, revealing a keen sense of humor through his antics.
First he cuddled up close to Cashmere, the cat. He was drawn to her warm fur, as it was quite a chilly day!

He decided then to journey onto African Safari! This was when he announced to me that his name was Chesterton. Chesterton Wendelbum.

Then suddenly, without a word, he disappeared! I found him hours later with my family of Russian Dolls, quoting Goethe and waxing poetic about his many travels for being such a young fellow...

It was then on to fun and games! He placed himself strategically upon my chess board, and began practicing in his boldest voice, "CHECKMATE!"

After a rewarding (on his part) and challenging (on my part) game, Chesterton asked if we might sit awhile and have a small indoor picnic. Get to know eachother, etc.

My new best friend.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Real Businessmen Are Boring Enough!

This guy was giving me the cold shoulder all afternoon. I even tried turning the page for him, and he didn't allow it. He didn't respond to a thing I said, or look me in the eye...what a turd.

Then I figured, I could dust the snow off his hands. That was when I realized he was cold as ice. It took me awhile (4 hours of rambling to myself) to come to the conclusion that this man wasn't real. Ha, yeah. Thanks cameraman, you really made me look like quite a fool.

But wait a second...why would there be a sculpture of a businessman reading a newspaper, sitting on a bench?? How drastically boring. Well it turns out the grandson of the man who founded the company Johnson & Johnson is an artist. And the city of Carmel, Indiana wanted to accessorize their downtown 'arts' district with this man's take on Rockwellesque realism through bronze medium. Yawn.

Here's what J. Seward Johnson Jr. has to say about it. He's the artist behind the madness. The bland, gray-suited, newspaper-reading, bench-sitting...madness.

"Realism has the capacity to reach everyone; there is no age barrier, no culture barrier. As the breadth of communication expands, so does the potency of a particular work.”

Of course it has the capacity to reach everyone. It is THE capacity to reach everyone. The prime example of playing it safe...why risk making someone think, engage, or interpret something that might not be constrained or limited to societal norms?

He also says...

“I use my art to convince you of something that isn’t real. You laugh at yourself because you were taken in, and in that change of your perception, you become vulnerable to the piece and intimate with it in a certain way.”

Vulnerable?? Yes, maybe. The urge to take a big crap on that businessman sculpture does make me feel quite vulnerable. But at least there would be an aesthetic there.
Intimate? Yeah, can't think of anything more intimate than taking a dump on something.

Oh, and here's the topper. The name of this sculpture, that resides in Carmel, Indiana is "Confirming Predictions".

What??!! My goodness people. Confirming Predictions?? Can you PLEASE consider supporting a local team of artists who actually have something of value to contribute to something as seemingly important as your new and improved 'arts district'?????????????????

Thanks. but no thanks.

Ok then...boy I have a way of beating around the bush. I have to move on to what this is all really about. My feathers don't get ruffled over such silly things...the truth must come out.

I despise the Johnson & Johnson Company. OK, THERE I SAID IT!

And not only because the so called 'baby' friendly products they design contain petroleum based ingredients. Oh yeah, here's my new baby...put toxic chemicals all over her please. YHECK!

More importantly than the topic of smothering a delicate child with petrochemicals, is that of animal abuse... Ha ha?

Here are some interesting (disgusting) truths regarding companies who test their products on animals. i.e. Johnson & Johnson

Info provided by Claire Gargiulo & Jennifer Messick of The Petition Site

"Every year, between 17 million and 22 million animals are used in laboratory testing. Many of these animals came from shelters, where they had opportunities to be adopted out to loving homes. Not only are rats and mice used in animal testing, but dogs, cats, horses, monkeys, hamsters, rabbits, and many others are subjected to this cruelty, as well.

Animal testing is not only unethical and inaccurate, but is also not required of these companies by law. These tests are not just done topically, but many animals are forced to ingest chemicals, as well. They are forced into restraints, their eyes are burned out with chemicals, skin is cut off, fur is burned, muscles are cut out, large tubes are shoved down their throats and into their nasal cavaties, they are pumped full of different substances and keep in mind, these animals are not given anesthesia or pain killers so they won't feel the effects. They live out their lives in small, metal cages with no other contact except when tested. Many animals have more nerve endings in their bodies than humans do, and those nerve endings are far more sensitive, and so they feel the painful effects of the testing much more than a human would. None of these animals have the exact same anatomy as a human's and therefore, the testing cannot be deemed accurate.

Furthermore, there are plenty of companies that do not find the need to test on animals and still manufacture quality products and are very successful. These are the companies who should be receiving our business, for not only providing us with the goods we need, but being cruelty-free at the same time. Visit to find out more about humane companies that you can support and feel good about your shopping experience at the end of the day!"

Does the future look hopeful? Even the slightest bit?

"...the drug industry is on its way to finding alternative methods to animal testing. Medical institutions, such as Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, MD, are developing programs dedicated to creating such methods. Methods such as computer-based testing are rapidly becoming available and do not cost innocent animals, or anyone else for that matter, their lives. Computers can be programmed to recreate the exact anatomy of a human, and again, this would be much more accurate than testing on an animal whose anatomy differs highly from humans."

Just a note to all companies who abuse animals for the sake of furthering product research: If you have to burn the eyes out of a living breathing creature, destroy its muscle tissue, suffocate it through fumigation or flushing its esophagus with Liquid Plumber ... you're messing around with ingredients that I don't want in ANY PRODUCT. Get it through your sick minds. You sick, sick, sick, sick, SICK people.

*I checked the J&J website just now. Under "Product Safety & Quality" I find this vague and 'manufactured' statement:

"Sophisticated tools and systems help us to identify factors that may affect product quality, efficacy and safety. With this knowledge, we continually improve our product design and manufacturing processes.The safety and quality of ingredients and materials is essential. Our companies use advanced technologies to bring the best and most effective health care products to our customers and patients. They also work with regulatory authorities around the world to ensure patient safety and that the environment is protected."

I can hardly resist their smooth approach. I trust that they have everyone's best interest in mind...oh, don't you? Ah hell, I'm going to bed.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fun with Photoshop - What is IT?

I created this in Photoshop last night. I had uploaded free brush presets from a site called and figured I could at least try them out. The collection I downloaded are of images of city lights down on Earth as captured by a satellite. I drew two different sized circles (to act as 'planet' and 'moon') and gave them gradients and an outer glow. I then dabbed around with the presets on top of the planet and moon, and gave the moon a drop shadow. Not really realistic in that sense but I was only messing around. Thought it had a nice cosmic vibe so I decided to post it.

Dermatic Effectz Babay

For Christmas I made my dad a fake gift certificate to a tattoo parlor. He bought it for maybe...4 seconds, and then looked at me and my sister and said something like, "This can't be real."

But if it were, I wonder if he would have used it...

No. Definitely not.

I still laugh at the name I came up with for it: Dermatic Effectz
but no one else seemed to think it was clever. Hah. Poo on them. And the purple snake?? With red eyes?? Come on, I'd get a tattoo there if I could! You join me! :0)

Kaleidoscopic Progressions #1

I'd like to create flip-books in the future, of kaleidoscopic images that I create. I would probably make the images more intricate than the one posted here. This one is just a simple practice, but I still love what can be created in the Kaleider program.

The original image I used in order to create these kaleidoscope forms was actually one of my drawings you can view here.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday is Cirque Du Soleil !

I've never been to see a Cirque Du Soleil show, but that will soon change! Next Sunday papacitos...
I'll be seeing the Cirque's longest running show, called "Saltimbanco" (saltare in banco = "to jump on a bench" in Italian)

And then hopefully on to some other new things ;)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Quick Quote Before Work!

"True glory consists in doing what deserves to be written; in writing what deserves to be read; and in so living as to make the world happier for our living in it."

Pliny the Elder

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday In The Park with Fujiya & Miyagi

I went to the park today to play! to play! Visited the nature center too, and saw cute chickadees and petted super soft rabbits!

I made this video tonight, using footage from today's excursion in the park. Music by the band Fujiya & Miyagi of Brighton, England. The song is called, "Sore Thumb". The two main players, David Best and Steve Lewis, created their band name from a Japanese brand of speakers: Fujiya ...
and a character from the movie "The Karate Kid": Miyagi

This video is quite flawed, please understand that I'm really trying here! But try and watch for my snow angel that I made ... it's in the video!

Oh, and yes to all you Sondheim fans out there. The title of this post is a play on "Sunday in the Park With George" :0)

Not to get off topic or anything ... but I want to post a snippet of the song "The Day Off", from that musical. Fitting, as today was Sunday and I had the day off. I love it!

"...Bonnet flapping.
Bustle sliding,
Like a rocking horse that nobody's been riding
There's a daisy,
And some clover,
And that interesting fellow looking over...

Who you drawing?
Who the hell you think you're drawing?
You don't know me!
Go on drawing,
Since you're drawing only what you want to see,
One eye, no illusion-
That you get with two
One for what is true.
One for what suits you.
Draw your wrong conclusion,
All you artists do.
I see what is true..."

The Angel of Synchronicity Swoops Down Again!

I created a snow angel in the park today. I haven't made one in years and years. It felt good, I think the snow appreciated it too. Funny thing is, when I got home and read through my emails...there was one from my friend Zach asking

"Have you made any snowangels during the past week?"

Hmmm...yes Zach, I can confidently say I have. I sent him the above photo of my snow angel. I think he'll get a kick out of our co-incidental timing!

Can One Heart Heal Millions?



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