Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Real Businessmen Are Boring Enough!

This guy was giving me the cold shoulder all afternoon. I even tried turning the page for him, and he didn't allow it. He didn't respond to a thing I said, or look me in the eye...what a turd.

Then I figured, I could dust the snow off his hands. That was when I realized he was cold as ice. It took me awhile (4 hours of rambling to myself) to come to the conclusion that this man wasn't real. Ha, yeah. Thanks cameraman, you really made me look like quite a fool.

But wait a second...why would there be a sculpture of a businessman reading a newspaper, sitting on a bench?? How drastically boring. Well it turns out the grandson of the man who founded the company Johnson & Johnson is an artist. And the city of Carmel, Indiana wanted to accessorize their downtown 'arts' district with this man's take on Rockwellesque realism through bronze medium. Yawn.

Here's what J. Seward Johnson Jr. has to say about it. He's the artist behind the madness. The bland, gray-suited, newspaper-reading, bench-sitting...madness.

"Realism has the capacity to reach everyone; there is no age barrier, no culture barrier. As the breadth of communication expands, so does the potency of a particular work.”

Of course it has the capacity to reach everyone. It is THE capacity to reach everyone. The prime example of playing it safe...why risk making someone think, engage, or interpret something that might not be constrained or limited to societal norms?

He also says...

“I use my art to convince you of something that isn’t real. You laugh at yourself because you were taken in, and in that change of your perception, you become vulnerable to the piece and intimate with it in a certain way.”

Vulnerable?? Yes, maybe. The urge to take a big crap on that businessman sculpture does make me feel quite vulnerable. But at least there would be an aesthetic there.
Intimate? Yeah, can't think of anything more intimate than taking a dump on something.

Oh, and here's the topper. The name of this sculpture, that resides in Carmel, Indiana is "Confirming Predictions".

What??!! My goodness people. Confirming Predictions?? Can you PLEASE consider supporting a local team of artists who actually have something of value to contribute to something as seemingly important as your new and improved 'arts district'?????????????????

Thanks. but no thanks.

Ok then...boy I have a way of beating around the bush. I have to move on to what this is all really about. My feathers don't get ruffled over such silly things...the truth must come out.

I despise the Johnson & Johnson Company. OK, THERE I SAID IT!

And not only because the so called 'baby' friendly products they design contain petroleum based ingredients. Oh yeah, here's my new baby...put toxic chemicals all over her please. YHECK!

More importantly than the topic of smothering a delicate child with petrochemicals, is that of animal abuse... Ha ha?

Here are some interesting (disgusting) truths regarding companies who test their products on animals. i.e. Johnson & Johnson

Info provided by Claire Gargiulo & Jennifer Messick of The Petition Site

"Every year, between 17 million and 22 million animals are used in laboratory testing. Many of these animals came from shelters, where they had opportunities to be adopted out to loving homes. Not only are rats and mice used in animal testing, but dogs, cats, horses, monkeys, hamsters, rabbits, and many others are subjected to this cruelty, as well.

Animal testing is not only unethical and inaccurate, but is also not required of these companies by law. These tests are not just done topically, but many animals are forced to ingest chemicals, as well. They are forced into restraints, their eyes are burned out with chemicals, skin is cut off, fur is burned, muscles are cut out, large tubes are shoved down their throats and into their nasal cavaties, they are pumped full of different substances and keep in mind, these animals are not given anesthesia or pain killers so they won't feel the effects. They live out their lives in small, metal cages with no other contact except when tested. Many animals have more nerve endings in their bodies than humans do, and those nerve endings are far more sensitive, and so they feel the painful effects of the testing much more than a human would. None of these animals have the exact same anatomy as a human's and therefore, the testing cannot be deemed accurate.

Furthermore, there are plenty of companies that do not find the need to test on animals and still manufacture quality products and are very successful. These are the companies who should be receiving our business, for not only providing us with the goods we need, but being cruelty-free at the same time. Visit to find out more about humane companies that you can support and feel good about your shopping experience at the end of the day!"

Does the future look hopeful? Even the slightest bit?

"...the drug industry is on its way to finding alternative methods to animal testing. Medical institutions, such as Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, MD, are developing programs dedicated to creating such methods. Methods such as computer-based testing are rapidly becoming available and do not cost innocent animals, or anyone else for that matter, their lives. Computers can be programmed to recreate the exact anatomy of a human, and again, this would be much more accurate than testing on an animal whose anatomy differs highly from humans."

Just a note to all companies who abuse animals for the sake of furthering product research: If you have to burn the eyes out of a living breathing creature, destroy its muscle tissue, suffocate it through fumigation or flushing its esophagus with Liquid Plumber ... you're messing around with ingredients that I don't want in ANY PRODUCT. Get it through your sick minds. You sick, sick, sick, sick, SICK people.

*I checked the J&J website just now. Under "Product Safety & Quality" I find this vague and 'manufactured' statement:

"Sophisticated tools and systems help us to identify factors that may affect product quality, efficacy and safety. With this knowledge, we continually improve our product design and manufacturing processes.The safety and quality of ingredients and materials is essential. Our companies use advanced technologies to bring the best and most effective health care products to our customers and patients. They also work with regulatory authorities around the world to ensure patient safety and that the environment is protected."

I can hardly resist their smooth approach. I trust that they have everyone's best interest in mind...oh, don't you? Ah hell, I'm going to bed.


Eva Sutter said...

This goes down in K. Grace Bears Hall of Fame. This kept me on the edge of my seat. Great writing! Great ranting!

Jeff Ircink said...

you sound pissed. whew. santa barbara has those figures throughout downtown. not sure if the artist is related.

Richard B Jr. said...

I came to see your latest illustration and then I saw this. The fool looks like he's ignoring you ... and reading a newspaper in public no less. That's a dead giveaway.

K. Grace said...

Richard!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Citizen X said...

You should definitely be a journalist, you have a way with words, you made one image of a fake man into an interesting report, and you have the outrage necessary to take on the faceless corporate statues of this world. :P

K. Grace said...

Is that you Joe??! :)
Thanks for your nice comment

Citizen X said...

Yes, I do believe it is!

Anonymous said...

poop on a log

Anonymous said...

Katie, I am always amazed at the intelligence and originality from the Anderson clan. Keep speaking out for the underdog and the poor animals that have nothing to say in how they are treated. I am so proud to have your for a niece, even if it is by marriage. Keep enlightening the world with your observations and caring spirit. When Eva and Daniel come home, lets all go back to Bazbeau's and have another delightful evening.

Poop on a Log's Wife!