Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Book Cover Design - Help Me Pick One

I make fake bookcovers in Photoshop for fun sometimes. This particular one was inspired by a dream I had one night. I met and spoke with a man named Cray Clayman. He was an author (published in the dream world only), and he handed me a copy of his book. It was plain white, with black stripes across the edges. The title was "Losing Matter, Finding Freedom". I read some of the book in the dream, and when I awoke I wrote what I remembered into my journal. I also immediately went to the computer to create the exact book cover I saw in the dream...but I ended up making a much more artful one instead. I can't tell which I like better. Help me decide by telling me which is more pleasing to the eye...if you would be so amazingly kind. :)

You can click on the images to view them in a larger size.

I enjoy book design. Both studying it when I'm in a bookstore or library, and practicing/attempting to create my own. I'm going to go make one now. If you give me a ridiculous title...I'd be glad to try and make a cover for it...and then post it.


Jeff Ircink said...

i like the top one, katie.

Buskitten said...

I like the top one best too, it's really professional Katie - did you say you did it usinf photoshop? Cool hobby!

luke said...

I like the top one, too. Great job on both, though.

Citizen X said...

Same, top one looks better.