Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mike Patton 101

If this girl wants to cover Mike Patton for her Rock History 101 class, I will not tolerate her pronouncing Mike's band Fantomas, as Fantom O's. What are you? Serving cereal?

Another problem: If I wanted to sit and be educated by you, woman...I'd appreciate you doing a little more than paraphrasing Mike's Wikipedia page. Turd!

Oh, and why they played the song "We Care A Lot" in the background completely baffles me as it was sung by Faith No More's original lead vocalist, Chuck Mosely. They should've considered using an intro that incorporated Mike somehow!


Richard B Jr. said...

I also agree that the other one you sent me a link to wasn't funny at all ... not even silly. I must find the movie, "A Perfect Place"!

K. Grace said...

Let me know if you do. I'm on a mission too, and it better have the right outcome, or I'll have to hurt someone. Most preferably the guy that made that dumb video I showed you. Haha.