Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Shaker Reflections - Hymns

Hymn 28 "Love", 8th Stanza

From: Millennial Praises Gospel Hymns
Published by the Early Shakers in 1813

"Love to love what is beloved;
Love to hate what is abhorr’d;
Love all earnest souls that covet
Lovely love, and its reward.
Love repays the lovely lover,
And in lovely ranks above,
Lovely souls shall live forever,
Loving with eternal Love."

*The beautiful garden photo above belongs to Doug Green of Simple Gifts Farm.


Eva Sutter said...

Katie, I want to be an earnest soul that covets "lovely love and its reward!" Its funny because when I say this, I'm thinking love in the romantic sense. Shakers, on the other hand, weren't really into "IT," if you know what I mean.

Eva Sutter said...

And oh my gosh, I want to live in that lush bucolic paradise forever eating grapes...that is a great photo.