Friday, February 13, 2009

I Won I Won I Won Part TWO!

If you didn't read my first "I Won I Won I Won!" post, you aren't aware of a special secret. I won a prize drawing for an artistic creation from none other than Peng Peng herself! She makes 'vintage' sock monkeys, teddy bears, art prints, and now Buddha Bear figurines. I'm a happy girl now that my little Buddha Bear has arrived and he is so amazingly friendly and adorable. Plus, he came packaged very beautifully...
He took to the place right away, revealing a keen sense of humor through his antics.
First he cuddled up close to Cashmere, the cat. He was drawn to her warm fur, as it was quite a chilly day!

He decided then to journey onto African Safari! This was when he announced to me that his name was Chesterton. Chesterton Wendelbum.

Then suddenly, without a word, he disappeared! I found him hours later with my family of Russian Dolls, quoting Goethe and waxing poetic about his many travels for being such a young fellow...

It was then on to fun and games! He placed himself strategically upon my chess board, and began practicing in his boldest voice, "CHECKMATE!"

After a rewarding (on his part) and challenging (on my part) game, Chesterton asked if we might sit awhile and have a small indoor picnic. Get to know eachother, etc.

My new best friend.


Peng Peng said...

OMG! thanks for my first morning laugh (a real good one) :O)) Chesterton's antics are simply hilarious!

Thanks for sharing your Buddha buddy story... and for entering/ winning my contest!

A Happy Valentine's to you, and Chesterton and your lovely cat :)
~peng peng

Kingfisher Farm said...

That is adorable!!! Lucky you to have won this personality, so full of mischief!! Pam

Jeff Ircink said...

it is adorable. and i like how you have it wandering around your house and photographed in different places - like the Travelocity gnome.

K. Grace said...

I'm glad to hear you all got a kick out of it. He continues to entertain me! :)