Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday In The Park with Fujiya & Miyagi

I went to the park today to play! to play! Visited the nature center too, and saw cute chickadees and petted super soft rabbits!

I made this video tonight, using footage from today's excursion in the park. Music by the band Fujiya & Miyagi of Brighton, England. The song is called, "Sore Thumb". The two main players, David Best and Steve Lewis, created their band name from a Japanese brand of speakers: Fujiya ...
and a character from the movie "The Karate Kid": Miyagi

This video is quite flawed, please understand that I'm really trying here! But try and watch for my snow angel that I made ... it's in the video!

Oh, and yes to all you Sondheim fans out there. The title of this post is a play on "Sunday in the Park With George" :0)

Not to get off topic or anything ... but I want to post a snippet of the song "The Day Off", from that musical. Fitting, as today was Sunday and I had the day off. I love it!

"...Bonnet flapping.
Bustle sliding,
Like a rocking horse that nobody's been riding
There's a daisy,
And some clover,
And that interesting fellow looking over...

Who you drawing?
Who the hell you think you're drawing?
You don't know me!
Go on drawing,
Since you're drawing only what you want to see,
One eye, no illusion-
That you get with two
One for what is true.
One for what suits you.
Draw your wrong conclusion,
All you artists do.
I see what is true..."


Jeff Ircink said...

i thought the video was EXCELLENT! wouldn't change a thing, course, as you learn different tricks you can incorporate them into future videos. but i loved it.

Jeff Ircink said...
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