Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'm A Star!

Or so I'm told. I received my eBay seller Blue Star yesterday! Woo!!

Plus I can print out a certificate and act all cool...still wouldn't be as cool as this kid...

"Congratulations! You've achieved a feedback rating of 50 and that means you've earned a Blue Star next to your user name. This tells other eBay users that you know the ropes, and you're an established member of the eBay community. You are a star!"

I've been an eBay member for almost six years, so it's about time I've reached 50 sales/purchases. I hopefully will be able to sell more than I buy from here on out! That's the important thing!


Buskitten said...

Hey Katie! Cool news about the ebay star - we recently got a blue one too! The Seth guy is very cool - i love the post about Google; it's very funny, but so true!! Yikes, better hide those skeletons in the closet, haha!

Eva Sutter said...