Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cuttin' the Coke

I love my job. I meet great people. People that recognize me from when I was too young to remember myself. Once my mom's midwife came up to me, and introduced herself. The woman who assisted me out of the womb was standing there...I stared back and I think all I was able to say was, "Thank you!"

I also meet lonely people. Those who talk for hours, following employees around the store. These folks open up about their personal lives, and sometimes in full detail. I learn about dark nights of the soul, depressive attacks, and suicidal psychosis. I learn of sleep tremors and pustules in strange places. Episodes of parasitic proportions. STD's and hemorroids. Sexual displeasure and decreased libido. Moodswings of the colon, convulsions of the memory. Vertigo at home, and candida on the go. All of these and more, and then the addition of the crack-heads.
The dealers who come in for something to cut their coke.

But I love my job! I really do. Because I also hear about stress reduction, restful nights, increased metabolism and decrease in the size of fat cells...improved cognitive function, bowel regularity, better sex and happier homes, higher HDLs and balanced blood pressure. So, as long as we can keep a reign on those crazy kids, we're doing just fine.

Plus, I get to hold giant chunks of fresh ginger root! And walk around the store trying to shake people's hands!!!!!!

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Citizen X said...

I gotta' come to Sunspot more often, I've been snorting my coke plain.