Monday, January 26, 2009

Newman Must Be Doing Great Things In Heaven

Happy Birthday to late great Paul Newman. I'm sure he's still making a difference, wherever he is. I had the chance to meet his daughter Nell years ago and she was quite a wonder. My mother and I gave her a beautiful rose which she seemed to enjoy. Nell is the mastermind behind the certified organic spectrum of her father's food company "Newman's Own". Without Nell, Pa Newman might not have ever understood the health benefits of Certified Organic on both the public, and the ecosystem. (Not to mention the superior taste of foods grown without toxins)

In the February '09 edition of Vogue Magazine, Nell enlightens the reader of her father's adjustment to this new realm. "He really learned a lot for an old fart who didn't like it in the beginning. It wasn't that he didn't like it, it was just that he didn't know what it was. And, of course, that's the learning curve about organic. You know you've done your job when you've convinced your 70-year-old father that it doesn't have to be heavy and whole wheat, and it doesn't have to taste awful."

100% of royalties from "Newman's Own" product sales, go straight to Paul's charity, The Newman's Own Foundation, helping people all across the world. Seems the Newman family has perfected living out Paul's creed, "A generous spirit is contagious."

How inspiring!


Jeff Ircink said...

shit! his birthday is today? the day after yours???

Jeff Ircink said...

i've been remiss. i must blog about it.

K. Grace said...

yes, the more the merrier