Saturday, January 24, 2009

Come and Dress Me in The Blossoms of A Million Pink Trees

Well, it's officially Do-Mi-Do Day, Do-Mi-Do Day (January 25th, my 25th Birthday!!). And you know what I feel like doing? I feel like "Going Do-Mi-Do-ing on a Do-Mi-Do Binge..."

"I want my organdy snood and in addition to that
I want my chiffon Mother Hubbard lined with Hudson Bay rat!"

(Thanks to my new beekeeping friend (and fellow Aquarian...) Zach Mermel, I was reminded of this amazing movie I used to watch when I was younger. It's "The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T". The only live action Dr. Seuss film ever made. It's demented, magical, silly, all Seussified and I want to re-watch it. It's been too long.)

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Jeff Ircink said...

happy 25th b-day, katja. missed you though - tried your cell, text and email. you must be out with fern and the boys, eh????