Monday, April 20, 2009

I tossed my cookies, and you can too!

In the newest email from Seth Godin that I received, there's a link to a site which reveals all of the companies that are tracking your internet activity through the use of cookies. They track you in order to determine the type of marketing strategy that would mesh with your needs and interests. I clicked the link and canceled all of the active tracking cookies except the ones from Google.

Click here to monitor the active cookies on your computer, and deactivate them if you so choose.

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Richard B Jr. said...

Internet privacy and security are sticky issues these days, like the gooey chocolate chips in my homemade dough that transfer unseen from my fingers to the keyboard and sometimes my shirt or my jeans. I was even afraid to go to the site Seth recommended because I know Seth likes to sell stuff too, and he's good at it. However, my browser is set to toss all cookies every time I close it anyway, and the firewall won't let nothin' (no computer to computer program) in or out without my express permission each and every time. It's the only way I feel safe with all them snoopers lurking about the net these days...