Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Feelin' Inky

I am new to inked-in.com, but I'm already enjoying myself. I took a screen shot of my inked-in page where wonderful, artistic people have been writing to me. How fun! Easy to set up your own account, and begin sharing/marketing with other artistic people from around the world.



Eva Sutter said...

Hey Katie,
I tried to click onto your Inked In page, but i needed a password to look at it. Can you make it viewable to the public? I hope so, I'd like to see what you've been writing, especially your "guess this speciman" page and I'd like to read that neanderthal bit again!

K. Diddy said...

Hey you. I can't let you. Ha! No but really, there's not a way other than creating an account yourself, or having me log in for you. I know...:(

Jeff Ircink said...

getting ready for bed and decided to take a quick swing by...i love you.