Saturday, November 7, 2009

Wizard and Anthony

Susan Sanford, artist extraordinaire, has posted a new challenge on her blog ArtSpark Theatre. Anthony, a sketch character of hers, is seen gazing out of a white box. The challenge is to fill the box with an image, to represent something outside ... like a giant hawk stealing the town Mayor, or a horrifically violent volcano erupting and then finish the caption - "Anthony was amazed when he looked out the window and observed ..."

I have posted my drawing here, with the caption "Anthony was amazed when he looked out the window and observed a wizard pointing in the direction of the nearby forest." Anthony and the walls were drawn by Susan. I drew the wizard standing outside. Thanks for the fun challenge Susan!

And here is Jeremy's interpretation of what Anthony sees out the window! I think this one is pretty clever. What? A bearded twin!


ArtSparker said...

Hi Katie, thanks for playing. I'm looking forward to posting the links.

Bungy32 said...

I like the wizard, but I really like the bearded twin! Deliciously surreal. Seems like most of us think Anthony lives in a very magical place! Thanks for the comments on mine. said...

i like it, katie. original sketch exercise.

Coffee Messiah said...

The second one is too much! I have an old rubber stamp and it shows a guy shaving, but the reflection is a lady ; )