Monday, March 23, 2009

90 years worth of hands, trousers, piggy banks!

I found a wheat penny at work yesterday. I jumped out of my overalls at the sight of it looking up at me. I leaned in close to make sure I read the date correctly.


"Yes!" I screamed...I yelped. People came running from all directions.
"What is it?" They asked with concerned faces...
"Only my new favorite good omen!" I screamed in delight.

In God We Trust, it reads.

In this Penny I trust. I'm superstitious. I also love the movie "Somewhere In Time" with Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeve. Wonderfully romantic movie. It's haunting, unusual, sad, funny, sweet, strange, timeless ... pun intended.

I love staring into old photographs at antique stores, to try and escape into them. I can sit and do this for hours I tell you. So needless to say, I didn't let go of this penny the whole rest of the day and I showed everyone that came up to me. I don't know if they were responding to the penny and it's magnificence or if it was my enthusiasm they were playing off of. But either way, it made my day completely!
How many penny candies did this penny buy, way back when? How many dresses, combs, loaves of bread??

All I can really know for sure is ... This penny is officially no longer in circulation! As of yesterday! :0)

Check out this clip of Christopher Reeve playing Richard Collier, a playwright trying to time-travel into the past in order to reunite with his long lost love. Rent the whole movie to discover "Somewhere In Time", how one small penny played a role in keeping a man and a woman connected, yet so very much apart.


parody said...

I used to have box with many wheat pennies (also bicentennial coins, silver dollars and whatnot) in it. I haven't seen one in years, though. I should try finding that box.

I can't believe you found one in circulation. Incredible!

Jason said...

"Somewhere In Time" used to be one of my favorite movies! I'd almost forgotten about it. If only time travel were that easy... I haven't given up hope. :)

Katie Grace said...

I haven't either!

luke said...

Yes, Somewhere in Time is a wonderful movie. It inspired a trip to Mackinac Island where I actually proposed to Valerie. Cool find, Katie, I hope you keep it forever.

Katie Grace said...

Aww! How romantic. I love that you did that.

Eva Sutter said...

What a great omen, Keekles. 1919: in numerology that means YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT PATH