Sunday, March 1, 2009

Stop Looking At Me Like That

Seriously. It hurts.

Patrick Wilson. Where dis he come from? I can't even type. HOld on...if I can catch my breath I'll explain. I think this man is a great actor. Ok, maybe I'm misinformed via his good looks.

I can't tell. Hell, not only do I not know, I don't care...

What I do know is that he's a great actor :) And an amazing singer. A delight on both Broadway and screen...a really good dancer. A smart and funny man. (Oh dear, I've lost it now)

I've seen him now in three movies. Only ten to go! (Plus Broadway! Oh, and mustn't forget Angels In America on HBO)

And he resembles Paul Newman very much here!!!


Buskitten said...

Phew! Hot flush!!!

K. Grace said...

haha. YE-AH.

Richard B Jr. said...

I'm so glad I'm old and ugly so the girls will love me for my brains, my wit, and my great big ... ahhhh, heart.

K. Grace said...

you've got a beautiful heart. tis true. and you're a handsome devil.