Monday, March 2, 2009

Please Don't Hate Me

I have some wonderful followers. I don't ever intend to offend any follower, or reader. But I wanted to post this video because not only is it funny to me, it's true of most if not all electronics made today. They're just junky pieces of trash meant to waste our time and money. There is a purposeful and all-too-well-planned- out attack that's been going on for far-longer-than-we'd-like-to-think, geared to make us into a country of Consumers. Why did I capitalize that word?
It's all explained matter-of-factly in The Story Of Stuff. An insightful movie designed for adults AND their children (the future-adults!) Everyone who has ever thrown anything in the trash, should watch this short film.

Also, if you enjoyed the video that I posted at the top and weren't too turned off by the swearing, check out more at The Onion, where you'll find vast archives of 'news' articles, and also their video section. After that, check out Ditalini Press' very own team of writers and their interpretation of The Onion style!

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