Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Iceman Cometh

A little bit of David Hewlett singing before my beddy-bye time. Clip from "Icemen".


Buskitten said...

Kewl Katie - have I been living under a stone, as I've never heard of him? Really chilled-out, I like it! Is it bedtime over there? I still can't get my head around this time difference thing! Night night!

K. Grace said...

No, you're fine. I know him from the Sci-Fi series "Stargate", but he has a vast filmography for both film and television. I just saw him in a movie I watched tonight which he co-wrote called, "Nothing". It was an interesting film directed by Vincenzo Natali who has worked with Hewlett quite a bit on past movies...

And, it is Far past bedtime for me...oh dear. I'm reinventing the night owl concept.

Sweet dreams to you over there in mystical Scotland! Tuck Tiddles in for me! Give him a goodnight kiss!