Friday, March 20, 2009

I'm Definitely Going to Start Using This Bookmark

I can't believe what I've just found!!! After rummaging through my old closet I saw a familiar teal folder, when I flipped it, flashback!

I created this Hall & Oates folder when I was ... 10 ... maybe 12 years old. I still am in love with them. True blue.

I can still remember sitting down and taking such care in sketching Daryl and John for my bookmark. (NO, it's not Beavis and Butthead!!) I used watercolors to paint it, and laminated it so to preserve it forevermore!

And hey now! Stop laughing at that photograph of me. I was a weirdo!

... oh.

Well is the song I rocked out to on a daily basis, from the album, "Voices". Before and after school. Hours of singing and dancing around like an idiot.

Oh Daryl....I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Eva Sutter said...

AHHHHHH! I was waiting for a HALL AND OATES post!
You were/are their most devoted fan. I saw your eyes glazing over when an H&O video came on VH1's top video of all time countdown at Aunt Jan's after a dip in the pool. (was it family man? Method of Modern Love?) It was your first dose of them. You've never been the same. Going to their concert was a lot of fun, remember all the women in the bathroom going ga-ga over Daryl's hair!

Daniel Sutter said...

Eva told me that you fell in love with this jumpy little guy with a guitar on the video who resembles an Italian pizzaiolo
We have to know more about your masculine ideal katiiiiie !!!!!

Katie Grace said...

there are too many masculine ideals to pick just one...but wacky, crazy, weird, and goofy all top the list for me. !!! :P

And yes Eva, I enjoyed watching the googly-eyed women reaching out for Daryl's hand. Member when cousin Dan touched Daryl? I just about fainted. Woww. Method of Modern Love, best video of all time! haha. I think Family Man was the one that hooked me though. I was 9, at Aunt Jan's just like you remembered. I'll never forget that day!

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

That is so dad was in the military so we didn't get to save much (moving costs by weight or something he told us kids). I have a few things from that era though. I work with a girl that is 21 and named Sarah after Sarah Smiles, no kidding!