Saturday, March 28, 2009

Destiny's Melding Ways

I have been extracting files from my old laptop and putting them onto my new one today. Since there's nothing else to do in this hotel room in Tulsa...

The transfers of the files just finally finished completion 10 minutes ago, and so I've been browsing old photos, stories, etc. that I've not seen in a really long time.

I almost fell out of this swirly chair when I opened up an old Word document of a writing exercise I did a few years ago. The concept was to write an essay on "Being a Writer" with the stance that I have been a published author. I used the name A.G. Moore, a pen name I created when I was six years old. I read the essay, which wasn't all that well written, but when I scrolled to the bottom of the document I noticed something strange...

Here's what I had written:

"A.G. Moore resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma and is a contributor to “The Southwest Writer’s Journal”. She holds a Master of Arts in Professional Writing from Saint Josephs College in Maine. Her first novel, “The Swift” has been integrated into the required reading program for Cornell University writing students. She holds private writing classes in Maine every summer for young adults, and is currently working on a screenplay based on the life of Walter Whitman."

Yikes. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy TUlsa?! Whayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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Eva Sutter said...

I don't remember the St. Louis arch pod looking so mod when we were there many years ago. It seems like the interior was olive green..? Hey, send me your cell-phone number.