Friday, March 6, 2009

Raw Meat, What a Treat

I love sushi! For my birthday this year I made the decision to try a new sushi restaurant. I picked "Naked Tchopstix" in Indianapolis. There's also one in Broadripple, Indiana and I hear they'll be in Chicago soon. MMMM was it delicious!

The place had a nice ambiance, I think even my picky French brother-in-law liked it! I'm kidding Daniel....don't hurt me!

I got the sushi specialty roll # 43 named, "The Playboy". Oh wow. Amazing. And it came to the table in flames! What a delight. Here's the description of the roll:
"...Shrimp tempura, Asparagus, Tempura chips, Spicy Tuna - Inside. Cooked Shrimp, Spicy & Sweet Sauce - Out side. Then set on fire."

For dessert, the waitress cut my Red Bean Mochi into segments and wrote a special message just for me! How sweet!

Over all, I recommend this place. They were friendly and the sushi was wonderful.
Oh, and Theresa, next time you're in town...we're going! Or we could jet up to Chicago again. Usagi Ya awaits!


Daniel Sutter said...

Sehr gut! It means 'very good' in German. We ate Schwartzwalter sandwiches at the Frankfurt airport. It was good. But not as good as The Naked Chopstix! Thank you Katie so much.

K. Grace said...

oh Daniel! It's YOU!! I miss you, come back soon. :(
Take good care of smurf for me. Is she being fed sufficiently? Eva! Come HOME!

Eva Sutter said...

Miss you Keekles. Eating lots of carrots from Portugal in your name. GET YOUR F***ING PLANE TICKET NOW, CHICK!

K. Grace said...

:( Don't turn hostile on me Eva! I will meet you in Germany if I can! How fun how fun how fun!

T-Dawg said...

Katie! I love and miss you!!

K. Grace said...

I miss you 2 !!! so much. :(