Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hats off to Art

I was listening to the local Christian radio station today, to hear some extra bittersweet Christmas music. I know I'm corny!

In between songs they played a short clip of Art Linkletter reciting one of his poems to an elderly audience. I loved what he said and finally found the quote online to share with you all. Mr. Linkletter is most famously known for hosting the early television series "House Party" which aired for 25 years! It later evolved into the show and successful book, "Kids Say the Darndest Things".

He was born in Canada in 1912 as Gordon Arthur Kelly, but was abandoned by his natural mother at only two weeks of age. He was adopted by a evangelical preacher and his wife, John and Mary Linkletter, and raised in the United States. He has inspired millions of people to live their lives to the fullest and create the life they want to lead. He speaks to the elderly about aging gracefully and living with a positive attitude, which he says is more important than any other characteristic. With a change of attitude, you change your life.

And you just can't beat his simple philosophy, "Do the right thing.”

Now for that poem I was telling you about!!

"I never want to be what I want to be, because there's always something out there yet for me.
I get a kick out of living in the here and now, but I never want to feel I know the best way how, because there's always one hill higher with a better view, something waiting to be learned I never knew.
So until my days are over, never fully fill my cup, let me go on growing, growing up."

Thanks Art! You continue to lead and inspire me and so many others.

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