Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What Do Johnny Cash, Melissa Etheridge, and Bob Dylan Have in Common?

Besides having "A's" in their names.

They're all lesbians.

NO. But seriously. They are Sunspot shoppers!

My mother sold Martinelli's sparkling cider to Cash's roadie years back. He wanted it brought to his tour bus nice and refreshing cold in a fluted crystal glass...

Not really. He probably drank it from the bottle.

My sister waited on Ms. Etheridge not that long ago. She was totally diggin' our bulk section. Bought lots of granola. HIPPY!

And Bob Dylan is a celiac. We provided him a selection of gluten-free pasta and his rodie left very pleased.

"The Sunspot...Fueling the Stars since 1977"

or something like that :)

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Eva Sutter said...

It's true! I waited on Melissa Etheridge and her girlfriend. She was trying to hide behind these big Hollywood shades and a low-riding hat. Busted! It was that husky voice that gave it away, "Come to my window," she said. J/K. "I really dig your bulk section," she said. I lied when I told her I really dug her music!