Friday, December 5, 2008

Just Can't Seem To Leave My Mark

Maker's Mark that is. Handcrafted in small batches. Red wax seal. Produced since 1959 in Loretto, Kentucky. Tastiest bourbon I've ever had and now the most 'green' whiskey on the market. Maker's has teamed up with the waste management company Ecovation in order to produce energy from the distillery's 'stillage'. The water, grain and yeast leftover from making bourbon will be used to produce a methane and carbon dioxide biofuel for use in the distillery's boilers.

After returning my junky La Cross tweezers tonight I found Maker's on sale! Swwwwweeeeeeeeet. $21.00 down from $28.99 I bought it, took it home, admired the extra long drip of wax running almost 3 inches down the back of the bottle (longest I ever did see), opened her up and ahhh.

However ...

Something happened while I was drinking it. I had an epiphany. And that epiphany was, that I had drank too much! Thankfully that didn't spoil my night of musical joy, listening to Ferlin Husky, who is somehow just as much fun to look at.

If you ever sip some MM, enjoy the smooth taste from the barley and red winter wheat used in replacement of harsh rye. And note their label prints the word 'whiskey' sans 'e'. Representative of Scottish heritage.

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