Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sorry Charlie

Last night I went to The Lafayette Brew Pub to see The Dynamites play with Charles Walker. Jazzy funky soul with meaty horns and bangin' bongos! Wow, I think I just upchunked in my mouth. The pub was full of dancing weirdos, I tried to stay clear of their flailing limbs and bizarre shoulder shaking. I watched as people downed their brandy's to loosen and strip constriction and begin taking to the floor like MUD's on PCP. They needed this concert like their kids need Christmas morning! Damn they were wacked out. I'm sorry I couldn't capture it well, my CoolPix did all it was able. At one point I began to move and dance, I didn't know what was happening ... Charlie Walker had this thing ... this groove ... this mighty soul and spirit that ran and jumped and sprang and jittered. Ok, I hacked up vomit again. Enough of this jibber.

Here's one of the video's I took. Sorry Charlie!

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