Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's Thursday. Time to Shapeshift !

I had a powerful dream the night before last. I entered a small home in the wilderness where I discovered four Black Bear cubs, playing and romping about. As began to play with these cubs, they became more and more tame as the dream went on. I wondered about the mother and if she would try to enter the home to get to her children. Finally, I sensed the mother's energy ... I knew she was outside the home. Just then, she burst through the wall as if a bulldozer. She seemed upset, but didn't harm me as that was not her intention. She ran through the home, right past me. She was large and I could see the thick fur on her back shifting around with each muscle movement. Was she just coming in to observe the home? Was she there to protect her cubs? The ending was unclear to me, but there is more to learn. I will be thinking about the "Feminine/Mother" aspect of this dream.

Bears have been a special totem to me for years (not to mention a constant source of creative inspiration). I became one in a dream once and I'll never forget it. I found a few "Shapeshift" tips for the Bear energy:

Begin a dream journal
Curl up under your covers in bed and reflect on your dreams
Read about bear
Draw bears
Explore caves
Eat salmon or honey

Also, thanks to, I was able to read more on "Big Bear" medicine and the relevance of bears in Native American lore, including ...

In bringing Bear into our lives, we must feel the power of the feminine. Bear lives alone and relies on no one but herself. She is a single parent and must provide all physical and emotional needs for her cubs.

She is loving and kind as she teaches her children about life but she is also a fierce disciplinarian if her children do not learn the lesson fast. She is disciplined in all things, including her own behavior. She sets limits and boundaries for herself and for others and will not tolerate others taking advantage of her.

These limits and boundaries are communicated by attitude rather than by words. Bear demands respect.

She has a high level of concentration and focuses on a goal without wavering. It has been said that Bear can stop a hunter from shooting her through her concentration. Making and maintaining goals is using the power of Bear. Bear will help with the focus and concentration needed for the completion of goals.

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