Tuesday, December 16, 2008

lights on a tree # 1

I'm experimenting with video and music editing. This little movie uses footage taken by my mom of the family Christmas tree this year :)
I manipulated the look of it, and editing it together with songs by the Icelandic band "Amiina".
Merry Christmas!

Virginia Woolf


luke said...

This is beautiful, Katie. Truly magical. In your letter to Santa, you said these next days are supposed to feel like magic. I felt it after seeing this. Thank you.

weakknees@gbpackersfan.com said...

THAT...was magical (to steal Luke's adjective). i am flattered. and amazed at your creativity. thank you, thank you, thank you!

r. le breton

weakknees@gbpackersfan.com said...

why isn't my picture posting???? now i am sad. :)

K. Grace said...

hahah...what picture?! i didnt know you could post pics in a comment section. let me know if you figure that out. glad you guys liked the video! :)

weakknees@gbpackersfan.com said...

no - the icon of my face, like yours.