Saturday, December 27, 2008

Green Means Glide !

I woke out of a peaceful sleep about an hour ago, and began thinking about how badly I want to go sky gliding. I've never sky'glid'(?), and I don't know where the thought came from, but garsh darn it I really need to SKY GLIDE!

I went online to find a place near me to start taking lessons, to learn this ... Hang Gliding, Sky Gliding, Hand Gliding ... whatever name you want to give it. I'm sure everyone has the same reaction while experiencing the sport, and I'm sure that reaction is beyond human language!

What I found was a series of websites dedicated to the adrenaline junk sport named "Speed Gliding". WOW! I want to do that. Here, take a peak at one crazy freak who decided to Speed Glide down the Alps! His first-person viewpoint does not go unappreciated. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.

That is just what I needed.

At least, it'll do for now

This sport fascinates me. I want to live in a Speed Gliding Universe.

"Isn't it dangerous?" someone asks me.

"WHAT A WAY TO DIE!" I wail while holding my sides...

This is Mount Eiger of the Bernese Alps (where that video was filmed).

I love what someone wrote on Wikipedia about Eiger's avalanche a few years back.

"In July 2006, a piece of the Eiger, amounting to approximately 700,000 cubic metres of rock, fell from the east face. As it had been noticeably cleaving for several weeks and it fell into an uninhabited area, there were no injuries and no buildings were hit."

Piece? PIECE of the Eiger? That cracks me up. Shouldn't they use the word Section? Or Chunka, at the very least?

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