Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Once you go Tweezerman ...

You really would be nuts to ever go back.

I'm upset. My favorite tweezers are somewhere in Nashville, Indiana. Lost Man's Lane?? More like Lost Woman's Favorite Tweezers of All Time. Twenty-two dollar tweezers at that!

I went to CVS after work and they were plumb out of the kind I needed. Superfine tip? The ultimate in precision? All out? You've got to be kidding me. That should be the only kind on the shelf if you ask me. I feel like gift wrapping 20 million of them and sending them out this year as presents to all of my hair-plucking cohorts. A girl has not experienced the true pleasure of plucking until she has utilized Tweezerman technology. I never knew there was a true difference, until I bought a cheapo La Cross tweezer tonight. And I almost threw it in the toilet I was so offended. I couldn't grasp a hold of even the two more prominent stray eyebrow hairs. WHY?? They were not doing their job. That's what.

Let me just say that to pluck with Tweezerman ... well hell, I wish I was one of those hairy circus ladies (no offense to the Sicilian blood in me). I don't get to tweeze enough! It's a fine thing in life. I light candles, pour myself some wine. I don't do it often, I have to wait patiently for the opportunity. So when I see hairs where they shouldn't be I celebrate!

Thanks for now realizing with me that we need to support Tweezerman products only, when it comes to our eyebrows. Unless you're into that THREADING thing...I won't even mention waxing. Do people still do that??

The pros use 'point' tweezers vs. 'slant' for a reason. Tweezerman makes both, but I say, GO POINT! Don't be afraid. Just don't stand in front of a door mirror and pluck. You don't want someone to cause the door to hit you and possibly pierce your head!


Jeff Ircink said...

kismet!! my tweezers is missing too! how strange is that????

Eva Sutter said...

I've looked at my angled-tip tweezers with a suspicious eye today. I didn't know there was a difference. I have to tell you in moments of stress, a good eye-brow plucking always calms me down. I love it and I might love it even more with the right precision tool. Love you. Call me today.